Range Lights Cottage

About The House

Rustic charm and history

The livingroom facing the water.Built in 1906, the house spent some of its earliest years as an inn for loggers and trappers. Bought by the Bell family in 1929, the property has provided lovely memories to four generations. It is named Range Lights Cottage in honor of the next-door lighthouses, which are still in use today, guiding boats along the channel.

The cottage has many features that make it desirable.

  • Beds for 14 people in 6 bedrooms.
  • Large dining table and fully equipped kitchen.
  • Indoor bathroom with shower and tub, as well as outhouse.
  • Dishwasher, laundry, and dryer machines.
  • Large collection of games, toys, puzzles, and books.
  • Freedom from television.
  • Grassy yard, outdoor grill and picnic table, swimming off docks.
  • Sailboat and canoe included.

Site owned by Range Lights Family LLC. Designed by Catharine Bell Wetteroth.